Buying Furniture in Singapore Vs Getting Furniture in Hong Kong

Living In Style: Expat’s Guide To Living In Hong Kong & Singapore

Living In Hong Kong

Living In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an amazing and exciting city. It is often described as the place where East meets West resulting in the formation of its dynamic nature. Hong Kong is the 3rd most expensive city in Asia right after Tokyo and Seoul because of the costs of food, education and of course accommodation. Of all three, the cost of accommodation is the largest followed by the cost of feeding.

Having a car is not much of a bother as there is a highly effective transport system that aids movement. It is a great place to live in or simply visit as a tourist because of the beauty and poise it radiates and because of its many amazing services.

Living In Singapore

Living In Singapore, The Little Red Dot

Living in Singapore is something many have dreamed of and who can blame them? Singapore offers life at its best. It is a clean city in Asia that has managed to hold on to a great deal of its charm from its days of British colonialism. Where Singapore is situated at the southern tip of Malaysia has made it possible to develop into a major trade and finance center in Asia.

In today’s news, Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with the largest foreign exchange center. It is a law-abiding city with strict laws that are adhered, as a result, it has gained the reputation as an authoritarian state and also because of this the city is safe and orderly – it is no wonder why people would want to move to this amazing city.

Comparing Expat Living in Hong Kong and Singapore

Like everything in life and in the world at large, relocation to either one of these destinations has its pros as well as its cons. Both of these cities are undoubtedly great but for every man, there is a preference and after outlining some of the major goods and bads of these amazing cities, you can make a decision on which one works best for you.

Accommodation In Hong Kong & Singapore

Accommodation is key when relocating to a new city or when visiting for touring purposes. You need a roof over your head and it is the first thing you work to get.

In Hong Kong: In Hong Kong, you always have a variety of options to choose from, there is always something being built in Hong Kong. So as an ex-pat moving to Hong Kong you have a variety of accommodation choices to make but the con here is that the rent is very high and space might be very small.

In Singapore: In Singapore there are also a variety of accommodation choices to choose from and where the standard of living here is also high, it is still 47% cheaper than accommodation in Hong

Buying Furniture In Hong Kong & Singapore

Furnishing is important, it completes your home and gives it style.

In Hong Kong: In Hong Kong, you can get your hands on custom-made furniture as pretty much anything can be customised in Hong Kong. According to ExpatLiving.HK – buying furniture in Hong Kong is easy as there are plenty of choices available. You can find furniture shops catering for all budgets and decorating styles.

The furniture you have your eyes on can be either expensive and worth every penny or cheap in price and cheap in style as well.

There is very little middle ground when it comes to buying furniture for your home. Furniture shops in Hong Kong include; Indigo living and Decor 8 modern furniture.

In Singapore: Singapore gives to you quality furniture and although it may be expensive, it is easier to find a middle ground between cheap furniture possessing high quality.

Safety In Hong Kong & Singapore

In Hong Kong: Hong Kong is a very safe place to live in security-wise and although it has its fair share of petty thefts and pickpocketing like every city out there, it has great protective measures for its citizens and also ex-pats.

In Singapore: Security level is high and the crime rate is low. It has strict laws that are strictly adhered to and provides safety for its dwellers. It is of course very smart to exercise individual security measures as you would in your daily life and where ever you may be.

Transportation In Hong Kong vs Singapore

In Hong Kong: Transportation in Hong Kong is relatively cheap and reliable, according to the statistics tell us that it is cheaper compared to Singapore.

In Singapore: Getting a car might be way over the top expensive but boarding MRT buses or just taking a cab is super cheap. The transport system is great so leaving your car stereo home or not getting a car yet but not be that much of a bother.

All in all, both places are great to live in as they provide amazing healthcare facilities, they have amazing sites for tourist attractions, great food for consumption, wonderful facilities that in the world stand second to none and so many more. If you are looking to start a great new and exotic lifestyle, these two cities are fantastic places to get started.

Home and Office Furniture Designs

Small businesses are now commonly operated from home and small offices. Typically these businesses have fewer individuals and have the flexibility to work in various locations when necessary. As such, setting up this environment requires good interior design and getting the right furniture to furnish the place.

While there are many interior design companies in the market, we do need to look for those who specialises in this type of environment. With the home and office design done right, the space can be effectively optimised while at the same time creating a conducive working environment for all to be in. Being a smaller footprint, choosing suitable furniture is also a task that need to be taken seriously as this can affect business efficiency and productivity.